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Travel Trivia

Things we learn, observations we make:

The Turkish invented the Salesman – classic opening lines:

  • Tourist: “Just looking”
  • Salesman: “Just selling”
  • S: Hello where are you from
  • T: Australia
  • S: Ah, Aussie!!, you need carpet, my brother has carpet shop ( everyone’s brother owns a carpet shop)

Collective Nouns:

  • A group of hippo are called a crash or a bloat
  • You may come across a zeal of zebras
  • Elephants parade through the jungle but we commonly call them a herd
  • Collective noun for dung-beetle…a shitload (obvious)
  • Troop of baboons
  • Flight/flock of birds
  • Buffalo hang out as a gang
  • You will come across a Tower or kaleidoscope of giraffes


Driving on empty

In Livingstone, we took a number of taxis and each time we stopped en-route at the petrol station.  They all drive around on empty and only put enough in the tank to get them from A to B, just in case the car is stolen!  Reminds us of someone we know back home!

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  1. Kate Kemp #

    Don, you mean to say every group of something is not called a bunch!
    Sounds like the fun is continuing over there.
    Sarah has just had her Year 12 Formal, we also got to attend, a Morrocan theme inclusive of dancers, Tarot Card readers and of course a Camel! Formals have changed over the years. Sarah’s dress is on her facebook site it you want to try and see it. If she allows you to be her friend, see wont let me anymore so good luck with that.



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