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  1. Sheryl Perier #

    Hey there. It’s Sheryl I just opened my safari and somehow your blog popped up…. I must have bookmarked it years ago…We met In Breckenridge. I am now in South of France towards Spain. Let me know if you are ever in the area.

  2. Bruce. #

    Yaaah… good to see your cracking on with the rest of the story – once it’s done there’s an excuse for more adventures.

  3. Natalie Ware #

    Hi Lucy, wow, I’ve been loving your posts, what an epic 2 years you guys have had.

    So I’ve recently moved to HK – yes, I finally did it! If by any chance you and Don are passing through on your way back to Oz, you must let me know – If not, enjoy the last few days of your adventure.

    Nat xx

  4. Sian #

    Hi Lucy and Don! Tracked down your blog and looking forward to having a read. It was really nice to meet you and hope your travels are going well 🙂
    Sian (Halong Bay Vietnam 2015)

  5. Hope the weather stays clear for you – enjoy the rest of your holiday and hope to see you again somewhere! L&D xx

  6. gabymardero30 #

    Hola, amigos!
    No storm in the horizon yet!. Love from Halong Bay.

  7. Kris #

    Hey Lucy. Just catching up with your blog. Love reading it and your adventures. Irena and Mark are on their way over. You guys will have a hoot! I reckon you should keep travelling into next year and I might be able to join you. Sending lots of love to you and Don. Xxx

  8. Ahoy! Happy to chat with Chris if he has any questions. All good on tour, DC detoxing! L

  9. Ty #

    ‘Ello me covies. What’s the row? Just chatting with my Melbourne mate Chris Allan who is planning to be off to Cuba and Mexico next year so I have put him on to your blog. How is Denmark? How is Dc adjusting to life off the tour?

  10. Bjarne Hald Jensen #

    Hi Lucy have lost your E-mail and your last mail you send me , i have not got the chance to read it so could you kindly resend it to me. I had a card from your mum today, nice to hear from her.
    love Bjarne and all the best to you and Don on your trip/travel

  11. Thanks Bruce – you need to come a visit us on the road again!

  12. Queen’s Birthday, woke up and spent last hour reading your amazing adventures, Sacsayhuaman, Machu Pichu etc… The two of you should work for National Geographic… Only you need to step it up a gear and eat the Guinea Pig!!! Ciao Bruce and Sal.

  13. Thanks Jayne

  14. Jayne McGreal #

    Amazing Lucy. Loved the read. Xxx

  15. Great to hear from you Bill and Kelli, we had a great time chatting with you guy’s. Hope we see you somewhere, sometime soon! Put Australia on your list!!

  16. Hi you two. Kelli and I met you at the Sushi place in Bocas De Toro. Great chatting with you guys and getting to know you. We hope to meet up again sometime in life!! Cheers,!

  17. Great, hope you also had a great trip.

  18. Thanks Penny and a wonderful Xmas to all of you. Luv L & D xxx

  19. Gill & Sharon #

    And I for one have enjoyed every minute!! Thank you. GT [We put all our stuff on FB so have just friended Don – fingers crossed.]

  20. Penny #

    Luce such a brilliant post… have been busy writing, love the stats, and all the pics… happy to have been a part of this journey. Have an amazing winter and Christmas. Much love to you both xoxo


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