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Driving through Denmark you will notice the many wind farms dotted across the landscape, including offshore turbines hugging the coast.

Denmark is a leader in renewable energy; well set to achieve its targeted 50% renewable sources before the 2020 date it set for itself.

Makes you wonder why Australia is so far behind. We have enormous potential in wind and solar, yet we are falling way behind. Enough! I won’t continue ranting here.

The generosity of the Jensen family also includes organising us to stay with Heidi’s cousin Nanna and her partner Mikkel in Copenhagen.

wpid-rps20151011_141207.jpgThey have a lovely apartment close to the city and lend us two bikes. We join the throngs of bicycles and meander through the city.

København (in Danish), started its life as a fishing village, growing into a major trading centre along the Baltic route in the 12th Century.

It became the royal residence and capital of Norway and Sweden in the proceeding centuries, during which many of the castles and towers still standing today were built.

Copenhagen is a charming city with 5.6 million people, though with 20.6 million visitors passing through a year, it can feel crowded. It’s a city devoid of skyscrapers, even the modern architecture blends well with medieval bell towers and shingled rooftops.

We ticked off the tourist sites; the mermaid, the port, palace, changing of the guard, viking museum, Tiffany gardens etc etc.  We also enjoyed just chilling out in the park with a picnic, enjoying the balmy weather.

Nanna and Mikkel were wonderful hosts and are avid fans of Australia so, we hope to repay the hospitality sometime soon.

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