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But wait….there’s more!

It’s an odd feeling knowing you are home, but not home.

Being a temporary visitor in the places you know so well.  Slipping back into the lives of family and friends, but only briefly.

Short it is. We spend our time between Sydney and Melbourne, catching up with as many people as we can.

Even with four weeks in Australia, we missed touching base with many of you. But, we will be back (for good this time) in December.

We know we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world. Not that we won’t continue to travel.

If all goes to plan, we will both be back earning corporate dollars, paying off the mortgage and a new four legged addition at our feet, planning the next adventure, though within the confines of accumulated annual leave.

But, right now, we have no jobs, no responsibility to keep us in Australia.  Outside of missing family and friends…but hey you can’t complain – we’re on skype.

Why more?
Was the question everyone asked.

Well, it looks like we’ve seen a lot, but really we’ve seen so little.

We didn’t start our travels with a strict bucket list.  Our philosophy was to go places and do things we probably wouldn’t be interested in, or so capable of, in later years.

Our basic travel premise has been: “quality rather than quantity”. What we see, we want to see well.

Once we started our travels, the list of destinations began to shrink; this wasn’t going to be 21 countries in 21 days.

A 2015 tour began to evolve.  Even this itinerary does not tick all the places in the world we want to go, but achieves a few unique ones.

Here we go again
March 25th we board the Qantas A380 bound for Dallas (again). The Hilsabecks graciously host us once more.

We have a few days with them before flying off to Coast Rica where the 2015 adventure begins!