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Resortville Mexico

Don and I rendezvous at SJD (Cabo) airport after our separate adventures. We have three weeks in what we call ‘resortville’ Mexico.

Cabo is 30 miles of resort hotels and palatial villas hugging the Baja Peninsula.

You can’t really say you’ve seen Mexico if you’ve only ever been to Cabo; the only thing authentically Mexican about this place is the food, the cervesa and the margaritas.

It’s designed primarily for the US market; for those Americans ‘brave’ enough to venture into Mexico. It’s so geared to the US, that most prices are quoted in US$ and then converted to Pesos.

Cabo works for us; the ideal holiday is a week skiing in Colorado and a week playing golf in Mexico. So, we banked our timeshare weeks to be able to enjoy three weeks in a row.

This part of our trip had been planned long before we decided to head off around the world. Don is hitting 50 and had put the invitation out to a few of his golfing buddies to join us in Mexico. We have 10 couples joining us at Diamante Resort over weeks 2 and 3. But for week 1 it’s just us….or so we thought.

Week 1: Hacienda Encantada
We quickly settle into the lazy routine of moving from our ocean front apartment to the ocean front pool. With 7 months of travel under our belt, it was nice to just chill; not be a tourist, not think about where you are going, staying, or what sights to see.

There is a slight change to our routine on Thursday with the arrival of Tyrone (T). He had played golf with Don in Oregon, then went to visit his brother in Michigan. He was due to join us in Cabo for week 3 with Julie.

However, is seems that the brotherly love didn’t last long, only about 72 hours! T needs somewhere to lob; lucky for him we have ample room and lucky for us he makes a good cocktail.

Week 2 & 3: Diamante Resort
The Resort is located on the Pacific ocean side of the Baja peninsula. It’s a long stretch of wild coast, swimming is not recommended because of rough waves and strong rips.

To compensate, the resort has built one of the largest saltwater lagoons in the world – 11 acres. Better still, our 4 bedroom house has a pool with it’s own swim-up bar.

The Birthday celebrations seemed endless. The first week did include celebrating my less significant number. Don’s actual day (12th Nov), was celebrated with a long lunch and a very interesting birthday cake I ordered from Diamante. It seems that making cakes is not one of their fortes.

We all played golf during our stay; some more than others and some better than others. Golf at Diamante is an experience all on its own. The round starts at the Sliders bar, where they serve sliders (of course) and beer, or banana smoothies, to relax before the game.

At the green of the third hole sits the first refreshment hut. It specialises in Bloody Mary’s. You also get to visit the hut again at the end of the 6th, so you can top-up the Bloody Mary.

The next hut is at the end of the 10th and 13th, their specialty is Margaritas. So, regardless of how you play, you at least end the game feeling very happy!

Over the two weeks we have a number of people join us, Week 2: Chris and Ang from (Dallas), Emily and Pete (Melbourne) and Tyrone.

Week 3: Jeff & Georgie (Melbourne), Neil & Margie (Melbourne), Tyrone (yes the same Tyrone) & Julie (Sydney).

The best way to summarise our three weeks is to just list the variety of beverages consumed.

It’s important to mention with some emphasis, that our mornings did start with coffee and a sensible breakfast. Those of us who were inspired, awake (and not hung over), would hit the gym. I can say I made the gym most days and Don never made the gym.

Jalapeno Margarita • Traditional Margarita • Margarita in a variety of fruit flavours • Mango daiquiri • Strawberry daiquiri • G&T • Pina Colada • Pina Colada with an Oscar Myer float • Cuba Libre • Pacifico • Corona • Bloody Mary • Banana Baileys Milkshake • Dirty Monkey (a personal favourite) • Homemade concoctions consisting of fresh fruit, Cranberry juice with Vodka and or Rum • Chardonay • Rose zinfindel • French Red from Bordeaux (by the case) • Verve Cliquot Champagne.

I think Don was very pleased with his Birthday and we were both delighted to share it with friends.

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