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New York New York

Robina arrives weary but excited. I’ve driven down from Connecticut and I drop the car off at the airport to meet her. From here I’ve booked a driver to take us into Manhattan.

This was my 6th time to the big apple, but it’s a city you never tire of and you can always discover something new.

It’s great to be there with someone who is soaking it all up for the first time; it gives you a refreshing new perspective as they take in the grandeur, the chaos, the charm and romance of this wonderful metropolis.

From day 1, Robbie and I explored the city from morning to night. Most of it was on foot, we opted for the subway and the occasional cab out of sheer exhaustion.

We collapsed soundly to bed each night, only to get up and do it all again the next day.

It was great for me – I managed to work off a few of the excess kilos acquired through Europe.

I realised that we did so much in these two weeks, that this entry could turn into an epic task (and I am behind enough as it is), so I am taking a new approach with dot points and photos.

What we did (in no particular order):
The Staten Island Ferry • A New York Food Tour • Tour of the Lincoln Centre • Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge • Taking the Hop-on-Hop-off Bus • The view from Top of the Rock • The even more impressive view from Empire State Building at sunset • Shopping for bargains at Century 21 • Bike riding in Central Park • Dinner at Jean George – a Michelin star restaurant • Visiting the 9/11 pools and museum • Shopping at Macey’s • Browsing The Met • Photographing The Guggenheim • Walking the Highline • Markets • Seeing a • Broadway Show: Kinky Boots • Seeing another Broadway Show: Hedwig and the Angry Inch • Sipping Cocktails at the Rainbow Room, 65th floor of the Rockefeller Centre.

According to my fitbit, we walked over 232,102 steps which is over 165 KM’s. Yes, I rechecked the numbers, even I didn’t believe them!

New York seems to be the perfect city in B&W:

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And a few that just need to be in Colour:

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