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Hello Uncle Sam

Disembarking in Dallas, the warm Texas air hits us in the air bridge and we immediately peel off our London layers. We’ve gone from a wet and miserable 5’C to a balmy 25’C.

We are staying at the Hilsabecks: Chris & Ang, plus their two teenager children; Hale and Celia. Conveniently, we have organised to rendezvous with Chris at the airport; he is also flying back, from working interstate.

We’ve been to Dallas before, but in driving from the airport, the first thing we are hit with is ‘spacial amplitude‘ (my new phrase).

For the last 6 months we’ve been in densely congested European cities, or navigating our way through small villages along narrow country roads.

Dallas is not hindered by mountains, oceans or rivers. To describe it as a sprawling city, is an understatement; situated on a big open prairie, space is in abundance.

We speed home on an eight lane freeway, even the lanes seem generously wide. I guess they did invent the term ‘supersize me’!

This is a brief 3 night stopover, before Don and I go our separate ways for a couple of weeks.
He: off to Oregon to play golf with a few of the lads from Australia.
Me: I’m heading to New York to meet Robina (my Sister-in-law).

After 7 months on the road, it’s time to refresh the wardrobe. The Hilsabecks conveniently live near an outlet mall and how do I love an outlet mall (so does Don, he just wont admit it).

Out with the old and in with: new runners, new underwear, a couple of T-shirts and some other bits and bobs. We offload some of the things we won’t need for the next part of the trip.

We need to return to Dallas at some stage to retrieve our ski gear, which Katrina had been kind enough to bring this over on a trip to the States earlier in the year. Chris and Ang have been kindly looking after it for us.

After spending almost every waking and sleeping hour together for the past 212 days, we are going our separate ways!

Before we left, I had envisioned ‘Don free days’ where we’d separate in the morning and see each other in the evening.

I’d go off and hunt through markets and browse shops, maybe pamper myself with a facial, or pedicure.  Don would do whatever Don does.

It never worked out that way. We were happy to enjoy our days together – even if they include the odd disagreeance😄.

We are both looking forward to some time apart, not in any negative way, but spending this amount of time together is not our kind of normal.

Don has always travelled regularly for work and whilst not as frequently, so have I. We are use to having our own time, doing our own thing.

We are looking forward to missing each other!

Note: Photo Free Post!