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Plitvice Lakes

This is one of the most magnificent natural sites we have seen and an impressive, well organised national park.

We arrived in the late afternoon. The weather is good, but the forecast for tomorrow is not.  We decide to see as much as we can today.  A shuttle takes us to the top of the upper lake system and it’s a fairly easy 2 hour ramble back down.  

A wooden footbridge allows you to navigate around and across the twelve turquoise lakes.   The water is an amazing colour, so clear you can see the abundance of fish happily swimming in each of the lakes.

As you descend, the lakes cascade down through the valley.  Natural dams have formed as a result of the rich minerals, resulting in waterfalls.  The water gushing through the rock face, rather than over it.

The next day the rain came in, which is unfortunate as we could have spent at least another day exploring the lower system.

It is definitely on the ‘revisit list’.

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