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Veliko Tarnovo

We rely heavily on our GPS to get from A to B, to date it’s been fairly reliable.   It has three options when you set a destination.  Economic, Short or Fast.  In the many hours we’ve spent in the car, we’ve pondered the algorithms which differentiate the three.  I know, some of the things we talk about!!

We quickly worked out to avoid Short, this is short by km’s, that does not correlate to time, especially when you find it directing you through narrow village roads, not built for a car, rather than going around.  We’ve had to reverse out of a few tight situations.  Kay and Dave; it reminds us of a similar instance finding the town of Beaux de Provence in France.

Economic, we assume defaults to highways and main roads, as does Fast.  We haven’t noticed a difference between these two, until today when it choose a fairly rugged route.  By the time we grew suspicious we didn’t have an option to turn around and just had to keep going.

We have barely begun our days journey when we come across Varna Winery. Being impressed with Bulgarian wines, we have to stop in and check it out.  A dozen bottles later (purchased, not drunk), we set off again!

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Our next destination is the coast of Montenegro.  We plan to take 2 days to get there.  On the way, we thought we should check out a bit more of Bulgaria and are heading for a town called Veliko Tarnovo, rated Bulgaria’s most beautiful town.

From what we passed on the way, I don’t think there is much competition.  Previously the capital, the old town is charming.  Nestled in the mountains it has an alpine feel, you can imagine it being covered in snow during winter.  The well worn cobblestone streets are lined with Ottoman style wooden houses with steep timber roofs and overhanging balconies, that protrude into the streets and window boxes filled with brightly coloured flowers.

It is picturesque and there are a couple of monasteries and a castle, but if this is considered the highlight, I’m not sure how much more of Bulgaria we need to check out.

We stayed: Hotel Gurko

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  1. Robert Wade #

    Dear Lucy and Don, Sadly Brother Jim passed away on July 4. We are all feeling a sense of relief as it was totally heartbreaking to watch him suffer and deteriorate over the last 4-5 months. Oh Dear, what a year it’s been ! Memorial Service this Friday, we have Gavin as Celebrant had him for Ann’s) Take care and have fun….BOB

  2. Robert Wade #

    Lucy and Don…Have just returned from teaching a Workshop at Burleigh Heads for the week and I would certainly be happier painting where you are instead of viewing the architectural monstrosities I’ve just witnessed around Surfers!!1 Thank you for your great newsy letters I do like to know where you are and that you are both safe and well. LOTZALUV BOB


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