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Thracian Cliffs

We thought we had indulged ourselves in Varna, but Thracian is another step up!  And so it should be, for the price we are paying!   The things we do to indulge Don’s passion for golf!  We have an apartment with spectacular views, and a bathroom with a bathtub (I don’t remember the last bathtub we had) and most exciting; a washing machine!  Who thought I would ever get excited over a washing machine.

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Our tee time is for 8:45am, as we want to play before the heat of the day kicks in.  However, when we turn-up to collect our golf clubs and cart, we are told the course is still too wet for carts.  You would need to be a mountain goat to play without one; the course is not designed for walking, even though some are braving it, I’m certainly not!  Without hesitation, Don rescheduled for 12 noon, when carts should be usable.

We return and are waiting for our cart and clubs.  We have read feedback on the resort in regards to poor service.  Until now, we had no complaints, but it takes impossibly long for them to organise the cart, which was made ready in the morning, to reappear.   Whilst waiting, Don is chatting to a group of English blokes who have been golf holidaying here for the week.  In conversation with them, he discovers that only 11 holes are open on the course.

We’ve spoken with the pro-shop twice today and at no time did they mention that the entire course is not playable.  They are also still charging full rate, the compensation being you can play twice.  Rarely, perhaps not ever, have I seen Don get mad, but he is mad!  Though he quickly realises that complaining is futile.  Whilst he would like them to understand that communicating the course condition earlier would have been appreciated, the language barrier suddenly widens.  Any understanding and conversing in english diminishes to “yes, no, sorry I don’t understand.”

The course is spectacular and challenging.  Forget looking for a golf ball if you don’t make a fairway.  We came prepared, having bought a box of 24 golf balls in the pro-shop.  We both go through a few.  A good game is a quick game and a cart makes for speedy golf. Only playing 11 holes, also helps.  We make it around in under 2 hours.

We are keen to play again, but would prefer to play as late as possible.   Clearly the starter thinks this is unusual. Don points out its still light until after 8pm, so he reluctantly agrees to let us play our second round at 6pm.   I think the only reason he is reluctant, is because he wants to go home.

We swap golf gear for bathers and head down to the resort beach to cool off in the black sea.  This is turning out to be my ideal game of play golf: 11 holes, couple of hours at the beach, 11 more holes.

The following morning Don got to play all 18 holes whilst I lazed by the pool.  For those who want more in-depth details and a hole by hole description, contact Don directly:

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    Don of the Thracian Cliffs gets angry. Love the image. Looks fantastic. A hidden gem?


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