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Can you keep a secret?

Anafi is only 20km south east of Santorini, but it’s an island that time and tourists have forgotten.  We were tempted to not even tell you about it.

We arrived under the cover of darkness.  I had telephoned the previous day to make a booking at Margaritas.  There is no website, no email, just recommendations via various other travel blogs and websites.  Margarita said that her husbaund, Dimitri, would meet us at the port, “look for the silver Toyota Hilux.”  Sure enough, we find Dimitri standing next to his Hilux. Don recalls it looks very similar to the one we rented in Melbourne and tied a mattress to. For those that don’t know that story, it’s one for another day; it’s good one, so worth inviting us for dinner, just to hear it.

Dimitri doesn’t speak much english, but shows us a clean and simple room.  It’s dark, but I can hear the waves lapping the shoreline below and we go to sleep with anticipation that we are in a good spot.

In the morning, the blue shutters open to reveal a view down to a small sandy bay.  It’s early and we think our hosts are still sleeping, so we decide to walk up to the town.  Let me just explain that ‘up’ is 3km straight up, it’s not just a morning stroll!  White washed houses cling to the hillside, but this is no Santorini, there isn’t a pool in sight and telephone lines transect the view; we now remember that we didn’t see many in Santorini.

We spend 4 lazy days on Anafi, excelling at what we do best: doing nothing!  We often have the little beach to ourselves and the water is clear and warm.  My daily exercise is to swim the length of the bay and back, maybe not quite a 1km.  Margarita is known for her cooking; fresh swordfish, meatballs, squid with a greek salad and house wine.  We dine one night up in town, taking the bus up and walking down.  The owners husband is a local fisherman, you pick out your fish and they cook it with vegetables grown in their garden.

Life is simple in Anafi, the people warm and friendly; even in the few days we are there, we are treated as long-lost friends.  If you ever want to disappear, this is the spot.

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  1. Penny #

    Amazing, looks like my kind of heaven. Xo


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