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The ‘Greek Fisherman’

What possess a man to want to grow a beard?

I actually googled the question and there are many articles analyzing the issue…I will leave that to you.

I should also ask my nephews, as they seem to be the ‘in’ thing.  I guess some women find them sexy ; I can’t say I am one of them.  Don is 49 years old and has never grown a beard, or mustache.   The longest he’s gone without a shave is about 10 days.  So, Don decides that he wants to see what it’s like with a full face of hair, and what better place to do it than through Turkey and Greece!!

His last shave is Venice, as he thinks he can look like a greek fisherman by the time we get to the Greek Islands!  It does seem to be the case, on more than one occasion people instantly start talking to him in Greek, until they register the blank look on his face!

By the time we get to Santorini Don has had enough, as its itchy and annoying (I breathe a sigh of relief).

Let the beard tell the story:



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  1. Michael Luecke (Jr) #

    Depressing… when Don mentioned in an email it was already gone, I was hoping it was just my eyes playing tricks on me in the morning… apparently not.


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