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Ucagiz, is a tiny little fishing village from which you can take boat trips and kayak around the islands and visit the sunken city.  I have booked a house nearby….so I thought!

We discover the property “Your Own Paradise”  is not in Ucagiz, but in Demre and its stretching the truth to call it anything else. The owner has taken poetic license with its location and description; 100 metres from the sea turns out to be a rocky outcrop, the picture of the sun lounges on a beach is several km’s away!! In general the house is OK from a functional point of view, it does have wonderful ocean views from most rooms and a great rooftop terrace. The neighbours who met us and let us in were very friendly and helpful. They ensured we had torches and candles for when the power went out!  Apparently a regular occurrence. The hot water also runs out, we had cold showers on the second day.

The worst thing is the smell, it drove us to leave after 2 days (instead of a leisurely four). Supposedly the rain makes the toilets smell (it was raining). It was worse downstairs, but seemed to seep through the place and it was musty and damp. So much so we all started to feel ill. When I contacted the owner to inform her, I had no reply, but clearly there was no argument on these issues because when we paid the neighbour for our 2 nights he was aware of the change in plans.  The best feature of this house was the washing machine, which we used non stop for the two days; we more than recovered the cost of the accommodation in savings on laundry costs.

In the end it all turned out for the best, as it was cold and wet. Not beach or kayaking weather.  This made us rethink our plans on where to fill in the next two nights.  Since the weather forecast was not looking good, we decided to change direction and head back inland to, Aphrodisias, Pammukale and onto Ephesus. It would be a 750km trip but would prove well worth it.  The original plan was to visit these sites when we returned from Greek Island hopping.  The advantage of doing it now meant: a) Katrina got to see these sites and, b) we now didn’t need to come back to Turkey.  The later meant rethinking the car: if we didn’t come back to Turkey and we could ferry the car across to Greece somewhere we would save some time retracing our way out of Turkey.

Regardless of the weather, we spent the days exploring the coastline between Ucagiz and Kas.  In better weather I am sure we would have enjoyed these seaside locations and maybe we will come back and do that kayak trip, one day.

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