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A side step to Belek – for some more golf!

Side is recommended, for it is an old walled city with Roman and Byzantine ruins.

We thought we might stay in Side, but on checking out a couple of options we decided to head round the coast a bit more to Belek (Don was also keen to sample a couple of golf courses).

Belek is a purpose built town of golf resorts and you probably wouldn’t visit unless you wanted to play golf.  We check out a couple of places to stay.  Don does not even get past the first hotel, as the pool is green with neglect.

We pull into the Hotel Vera Verde. We always send Don in to negotiate, as the Turkish like dealing with the man and Don enjoys the challenge of getting a good deal.

This one is pretty good and alternatives are looking slim  They offer us a 2 Bedroom room, all inclusive, for 2 nights for €190 ($285).  You know you’re in a tourist resort when all the prices are quoted in Euro.

Let me explain all inclusive; that’s all meals and alcohol for the entire stay.  They slip wrist bands on us, we dump our gear in the room and head for the poolside bar to start getting our value for money!

Of course it’s a bit like being in a club med resort. You eat buffet food, the cocktails are overly sweet and the gin is a local turkish brand which made me appreciate the difference between good and bad gin!

But it had been a while since we had stayed anywhere reasonable. The pool and beach club were nice, but most importantly Don got two games of golf in, including the novelty of playing the back nine under lights.

Katrina and I went back into Side and explored the ruins during one of Don’s games.  Side at one time had been an important port, so the ruins are pretty impressive.

The old part of town is fully geared for tourists, but still has some charm about it, especially if you get there early enough to beat the first tourist buses.

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