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Road Trip across Turkey

We made a smart move by taking the ferry from Istanbul across to Yalova.  The 90min ferry ride saved us the hassle and stress of facing the Istanbul traffic and probably took several hours off our trip.

We are never sure how far we will get in a day; the car nav system calculates out the route, but seems to assume the speed limit is 50km per hour!  If this is the case, the Turks need to quickly invest in speed cameras (we haven’t seen any yet, we hope)! To begin with, we were a little apprehensive to match the speed of the average driver; whether the signs say 90km or 110km, the traffic is moving at a comfortable 120km to 130km. Of course, there are plenty of drivers who whizz by us when we have cruise control set on 130.  For some unknown reason the are generally always black Merc’s or BMW’s!

We drive east for a good 8 hours, with Don and I tag teaming on the driving.  We are impressed with the road infrastructure, which consists of dual carriageways most of the way.  Every road we take seems to have some form of major upgrade going on.  We certainly get the impression that the Turkish economy is on the way up, unlike its Greek neighbour, so we are told.

Whilst I am prattling on about driving, it’s worth mentioning the things they don’t do well.  Marking the severity of a bend would be at the top of the list.  They like to throw in the odd hairpin, I think it’s to make sure you’re awake!

They also don’t give you much warning when two lanes are dropping to one.  We’ve also learnt that witches hats in the left lane for no apparent reason indicate a police checkpoint.  The police randomly pull vehicles over to check papers.  We pass many where the police are standing around having a chat and don’t look all that interested in pulling anyone over, they seem to ignore us as well, we think the french number plates are a good deterrent.


Why did the chicken cross the road?

  1. Clearly this chick liked playing with the rooster!

  2. Penny #

    To get away from the rooster!


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