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We really didn’t know what to expect from Gallipoli and it is an overwhelming experience.  I am not going to write much because I think everyone’s journey here is their own.

The peninsula is dotted with cemeteries and monuments recognising both the Allied and Turkish soldiers who lost their lives in over 9 months of fighting.  Standing on the beach at ANZAC cove and looking up the steep cliffs, you can understand why the efforts to gain an advantage along this coastline were futile.  You also appreciate the tenacity, bravery and stoicism these soldiers must have had to endure the conditions and remain for as long as they did.  You certainly leave humbled and grateful that our generation has not had to experience a war like this.  Gallipoli, it truly is worth the effort and a must for all Australians to visit.

Gallipoli cost the Allies 141 000 casualties, of whom more than 44 000 died. Of the dead, 8709 were Australians and 2701 were New Zealanders. The Turks suffered 251 000 casualties, of whom more than 86 000 lost their lives. Countless thousands had been evacuated sick from the various diseases which had plagued both sides, especially during the long hot summer.

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