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You have to love Venice, there isn’t another city like it.

The best way to explore Venice is to wander aimlessly through the narrow alleys getting lost, so this is where you don’t want Don with you, as he needs to have a map, a purpose and know where he is at all times!  Around every corner is another old bridge across a canal, framing the perfect photo. Katrina wins on the photo front; she can snap with the best of them (we all know who they are)!

We stayed at the Istituto San Giuseppe, which is a convent (mum will be happy).  It was another great find on, reasonably priced, right in Venice and not far from Saint Marks Square.  Now the CPI (cappuccino price index) in Venice is high, it’s a captive market and they know it.  St Marks Square tops the CPI index at €9!!  Our best price is €2.50, away from the square, and drinking our coffee standing up, rather than sitting down, which costs €4.50.

We spent a few hours visiting Murano, the island famous for it’s glass. It is a little less crowded and the canals a little wider.  On the way across, we see a large gondola with 10 or more oarsmen all dressed in blue; it’s a funeral procession and a stunning sight to watch as they power across the canal. In the evenings the tourist crowds thin and the sunlight dances across the water, highlighting the buildings. The Ponte Rialto provides a beautiful view up and down the grand canal.  The northern side of the bridge is less popular and we find a great spot to watch the sun go down across the city.

The Venice highlight has to be our Gondola ride. Our Gondalier is a character, who is happy to chat (whine) about the political state of Venice and Italy. He is buying up property in China and planning the retire there (clearly he is doing alright out of the gondola business)!  Our trip through the canals is in the early afternoon and the sunlight provides yet another great photo opportunity!

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