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Format changes

After undertaking comprehensive market research and reader feedback we have made a couple of changes.

A) The photo format will revert back to a carousel style layout (you should be able to click and enlarge to view slide show), rather than mosaic style (it took up too much space).

B) Comments per post has now been turned on so your opinion is appreciated.  Outside of the market research group (of 1) + family, we have no idea I who is taking any interest in our travels.

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions for improvement.

  1. Good to know, thanks and hope all is going well at home.

  2. Maria & John #

    I like being able to comment directly Lucy, so your format change is good. We are following and enjoy hearing of your adventures. We’ll keep in touch from dreary Melb!

  3. Shaun #

    Hi guys,

    I think you might be surprised as there are a number of us keeping a close eye on your adventures…

    Safe travels and keep the updates coming


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