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Golf at Fancourt

It’s a 4hr drive to Fancourt, our next stop. For those non golfers, Fancourt is a golf resort, not just your average golf resort, it hosted the Presidents Cup in 2004. I am sure you can work out why we are staying there; Don is almost frothing at the mouth, as it’s been 4 weeks or more since he picked up a club! Fancourt is your typical 5 star resort, I probably shouldn’t be so blaze about a 5 star resort as it is most likely the last we stay at for a while, but there is something a bit clinical and sterile about the place.

Don and I venture out for 9 holes the afternoon we arrive.  A unique experience for us is opting to use a caddy.  I felt a bit uncomfortable at first but the more people you can help keep employed in Africa the better, its pretty cheap for us, but its a reasonable income for the caddy.  I could certainly get used to playing with a caddy.  It is a scenic course and I even manage a birdie on the 8th (a par 3)!

The next day, Don plays the renowned links course while I indulge in a 3 hour spa treatment (which is 1/2 the cost of the golf). In the afternoon we travel an hour to Knysna, our last stop before heading to London (via a one night stop in Johannesburg).