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Victoria Falls

Wandering through the grounds of the Royal Livingston we stumble on a herd of Impala ( better check if the collective noun for Impala is a herd, maybe its an impasse!).  One cute adorable impala takes a particular interest in us, whilst the rest just keep on grazing, but she starts heading our way, I’m thinking how friendly, being in the grounds of the hotel they must be so used to people until I see the even more adorable baby (need to check on that correct term).  We realise that this Impala is making a stand to protect her young, not sure what her attack strategy would be, but we are not willing to hang around to find out, Don has to make a bit of a scene to scare her off and even then she stood firm and watched us scurry quickly down the path.  Around the corner we run straight into some Zebra grazing alongside a gaggle of Geese and right next to them are two Giraffe.  After spending four days at Black Rhino desperately hoping to spot a Giraffe in the distance, or see a Zebra, we are suddenly standing just feet away.  Whilst wonderful to be up close and personal I feel like I am in a Zoo, as 50m away is a manicured lawn and barman waiting to pour me a G&T!  I now really appreciate seeing them in their natural environment so much more.

We headed into Livingston and the bus drops us off at the craft markets (which has tourist trap written all over it). We then stroll through town, heading for the local bus depot to purchase tickets to Choma the following day. Walking down the dusty streets we see people selling everything from mobile phones, clothing and fruit and vegetables; it is the hustle and bustle of a real town going about its business.

The afternoon activity is the highlight so far – we took a microlight flight over Victoria Falls (thanks Mark and Irena for the recommendation).  It is incredible to see the falls so close and from above.  Circling the falls and then back up the river you fly low enough to see Elephants grazing and Hippos lazing in the water.  Occasionally, a Hippo or Elephant misjudges its swimming ability and takes a dive off the edge of the falls. Oops!